Pottery-earthenware parrott & company

Because records have not been found to date to provide definitive information, there are a few things which can be observed and commented upon but can only be supposition at this stage.

Often pieces are found with a slight modification in pattern otherwise almost identical. It is not clear if this was a choice a painter made or if dual ranges existed. Notably cake plates and their tiered versions had different handles. Again it is not clear if a mixture of handles was intended as different ranges.

The miscellaneous items found under Coronet Ware are so varied it is not known if they were small "specialist" production runs for a particular market or "routine" production..

Coronet Ware was by far the greatest output of the factory.marked with the distinctive Coronet Ware trademark.Other trademarks were used for what appears to be "specialist" output such as:

  • Amara Ware Brown glazed pottery with a vibrant green interior. Only a handful of examples have been found to date..
  • Bone China A surprisingly varied output of bone china both traditional and innovative. New designs and shapes are turning up from time to time.
  • Imperial So far the most mysterious to be found. To date only one plate has been found.
  • Kiang The majority of tems are blue and white seemingly part of dinner sets although a few coloured items have been found to date.The trademark is embelished with Chinese (?) characters.
  • Parrott & Company A lot of items have been found with just the plain Parrot & Co trademark some marked "Made in England" others with this ommitted. It can be assumed the latter was early production.
  • Shadow Blue Light blue background. Only a few have been found to date.